This book is a game-changer.

Introducing SPEED TEARS #2, a collaboration with American artist MIDNIGHT SCALE based purely on 20 of the most beloved Hondas ever.
Included in this book are 20 highly stylized visions of Honda legends, all the way back to the first Civic to the newest NSX.

This book is a collector's edition and is limited to 100.

Just imagine showing this book to a Honda enthusiast and watching them go wild.

This book also makes for the PERFECT gift.
ALL 20 Honda Cars Included: 
• Civic (First Generation)
• Civic (EF)
• Civic (EG)
• Civic (EK)
• Civic (FA)
• Civic (FB)
• CR-X
• Integra DC2 (JDM Brick Lights)
• Integra DC2 (USDM Bugeye)
• Del Sol
• Acura TL
• Acura RSX
• S2000
• Accord (CL)
• Accord (CV)
• Prelude
• CR-V
• NSX (First Generation)
• NSX (Second Generation)
• NSX (Third Generation)
SPEED TEARS #2 is a special collaboration book with Midnight Scale. There are currently four (4) coloring books in our catalog, including collaborations with other incredible artists. New books are already under development. We hope to become your new favorite bookmaker.
Customer Reviews
I was so excited when I received this book. We got few copies at once to save money getting shipped to my country and me and my friends have been battling to see who has better color designs. The art is amazing thank you.

- Xavier S.
  Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe)
I thought my favorite was the EG bubble but after going through this book like 40 times I think my favorite is the S2000 now i need it in real life. Love how I get to play with paint jobs and learn the lines of the cars

- Yandel T.
  Newark, NJ
1 Book
  • Exclusive Collaboration with American Artist MIDNIGHT SCALE
  • 20 Original Drawings 
  • Based on Classic Honda Favorites
  • A True Collector's Edition - Limited to Only 100
  • International Shipping Available
SPEED TEARS #1, #2, AND #3
3-Pack (The Whole Gang)
  • THREE (3) Unique and Original SPEED TEARS Books 📚
  • 68 Original Drawings to Enjoy
  • Looks Like The Whole Gang's Here
  • The Perfect Gift(s) for A True Car Enthusiast 🎁
  • International Shipping Available 🌍

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