You asked for it... WELL HERE IT IS.
Introducing SPEED TEARS #3, a collection of the most admired Toyota cars stretching back almost 100 years. Yes, that is the new Supra.
Introduce your kids or loved ones all your favorite rides. Show them why Toyota quality and design just can't be denied.
This book also makes for the PERFECT gift.
ALL 24 Toyota Cars Included: 
• Toyota Supra (A80)
• Toyota Supra (A90)
• Toyota MR-2 (AW10)
• Toyota MR-2 (SW20)
• Toyota 222D Concept
• Toyota Land Cruiser
• Toyota Tacoma
• Toyota 2000GT
• Toyota Starlet GT
• Toyota Previa
• Toyota RAV4
• Toyota Crown
• Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS)
• Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS )
• Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC )
• Toyota Celsior (Lexus LS )
• Lexus LC
• Lexus LX
• Lexus LFA
• Toyota GT86 (Scion FR-S)
• Toyota Corolla (AE86)
• Toyota Celica (TA22)
• Toyota AA
• Toyota Century
Customer Reviews
I am trying to find the words to explain how I feel about this book. I'm not really the art type but I just spent 3 hours drooling over the sick drawings and getting ideas of my own. I am blown away by the quality of art. A+++

- Louis M.
  Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Got this book for my big bro as a birthday gift earlier this summer (got 2 copies so I got to keep 1 too). Months later and he still sends me pictures of colorings. Not to sound emotional but this really helped our bond lol.

- Jessica J.
  Lincoln, NE
1 Book
  • 14 Car Drawings + 10 Engine Drawings
  • 24 Original Drawings
  • Based on Classic Toyota Favorites
  • A Book To Keep Forever
  • International Shipping Available
SPEED TEARS #1, #2, AND #3
3-Pack (The Whole Gang)
  • THREE (3) Unique and Original SPEED TEARS Books 📚
  • 68 Total Drawings to Enjoy
  • Looks Like The Whole Gang's Here
  • The Perfect Gift(s) for A True Car Enthusiast 🎁
  • International Shipping Available 🌍

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